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Al-Hamd Group of Companies

 Alhamd Group of Companies is a conglomerate comprising of separate, independent businesses in various sectors including civil society organizations, shipping and logistics, construction, engineering, trading, environment, medical products. As a holding company, we are strategic in diversifying sectors and markets inside Afghanistan and beyond to meet the services of our global clients. The greatest asset comes from our human resources, all of whom are passionate, self-driven professionals who demonstrate the highest standards of quality and deliver prompt and efficient responses. Because we are the fastest growing group of companies in Afghanistan, we are able to offer the best in-depth sector expertise and analysis, meet core business needs and develop agile strategies and solutions.We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We are about to become the first agent and shareholder in Afghanistan of a leading Indian company in the health sector.

We are Driven by the Desire to Change Lives by Making Quality

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Al-Hamd Group of Companies

Al-Hamd Group of Companies Shipping, Logistics, Construction, Engineering, Trading, Environmental, Medical Equipment, and Marketing

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