Concern about the world’s leading environmental problems has grown from a simple inconvenient truth to movements large and small in countries around the globe. Companies from small and large scales and concerned voters are calling for legislation to limit and repair environmental destruction, but individuals making a difference on their own are inspiring others to do the same.
Following the United Nation 17 Million Goals, we as a consortium and a single company are adhere to enforce stricter standards in the works, but until then, it’s our responsibility to make a difference.
In most cases, reducing our overall impact is as straightforward as just consuming less as rule. To help identify some areas to focus on, we have adhered some following policies;
• Simplifying Purchasing Habits
• Reducing Energy Usage
• Give Up Plastic Habit
• Ditching disable and Single-use Plastics.
• Refuse and Reduce Before You Recycle
• Join the Clean Energy Movement